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1st Stop Tuition is located in Wigan and is happy to offer its expertise in providing training in Functional Skills in English and Mathematics. Our system is based on 20 years experience in delivering courses in GCSEs and Functional Skills. We pride ourselves on setting up our clients for success by supporting learners in their endeavour to develop transferable, practical skills in English and Mathematics by ensuring students leave our courses more prepared than they have ever been before to function confidently, effectively and independently in their work, education and life in general making them a valuable asset to your organisation.  At 1st Stop Tuition, we understand how crucial it is for your employees to gain the knowledge and skills that you, as their employer, want and need so both your employees and your company can prosper.


We can provide training in Functional English and Functional Mathematics through all five levels from Entry Level 1 to Level 2 to help learners develop skills in communication, problem solving, listening, time management and team working.  This means that:

  • Someone with Functional Maths at Level 2 should be able to understand number, shape, space and measures and be able to use a range of data types and techniques to solve practical problems as well as check the accuracy of their solutions – for example to work out the total cost of materials for a work project or how much in pounds sterling they will receive or pay when converting between sterling and a foreign currency for the sale or purchase of goods from overseas.


  • Someone with Functional English at Level 2 should be able to read and understand a wide variety of texts as well as write effectively and with purpose, structure sentences and punctuate appropriately – for example to write a logical and persuasive letter or presentation to help them to get their point across when it matters most or writing a successful job application.


  • Someone with Functional ICT at Level 2 will develop the skills and confidence to use a computer and should be able to find and select information, present and communicate information through word processing, spreadsheets, databases, presentation and publication software as well as internet and email – for example setting up a spreadsheet to present accounts data and applying functions to automatically calculate totals.Computer skills are widely used across all areas of everyday life and having these skills will help people to access much more information as well as improving job prospects.


Our flexible approach to teaching and learning can be more engaging and motivating for learners helping them to develop their full potential whatever their aptitudes or abilities.  The over-arching aim of the functional skills courses provided by 1st Stop Tuition will help to raise standards in your workforce ensuring they are able to make a valuable contribution to your organisation so your company can thrive in today’s rapidly changing economy.

For more information call us now on 01942 206945 or 07979 554049 and we will send you a proposal.

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