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At 1st Stop Tuition, we understand that many pupils find maths' concepts difficult to learn or retain in memory. It is often cited as a pupil’s least favourite subject. Like many subjects, it comes with its own language and just like learning a foreign language it has its own vocabulary such as signs and symbols that many pupil’s find confusing. The aim of a personal tutor is to demystify both the language and concepts by placing it in the context of everyday life situations. This helps our students to appreciate the bigger picture. By using real world examples, we can show pupils how they can apply maths in their own lives, making their learning experience more enjoyable and productive.

Due to syllabus pressures school teachers’ face, they often hurry through problematic concepts and forget how much, or how little, their pupils know or understand.  A private math’s tutor will give as much time as each pupil needs, as well as return to the basics every once in a while, because only by consolidating this basic knowledge is it possible to learn and understand more advanced mathematical concepts.

The math’s programme offered at 1st Stop Tuition progresses from the very basics of counting to calculus and beyond, both with and without the use of a calculator. Therefore, at each level, the math’s programme builds incrementally on the skills developed in the previous level; problems are broken into small logical pieces ensuring a solid understanding and the ability to put learning into practice. As students progress smoothly through the levels up to advanced level maths, they develop all the critical skills needed to comfortably tackle problems on their own; as well as an affinity for mental maths and the confidence to apply a range of skills when faced with a new challenge.

The math’s programme at 1st Stop Tuition is designed for students of all ages, levels and abilities.

Maths tuition can also be combined with English tuition for a more fulfilling educational experience.


Thank you very much for your help!  You have been a great teacher!

Lauren Woodward

"Thank you for all the extra help over the years."

Bethany Ormrod


Call 1st Stop Tuition on 01942 206945 or 07979 554049 for a committed maths tutor who focuses on your specific requirements to help you achieve higher results. 

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