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I have seen, first hand, the distinction between doing well and wanting to do better is often one which requires more one-on-one attention from teachers in schools than is administratively possible in the modern schooling system, given the limited resources available. Thus meaning, since my first encounter with private education, I have been a keen advocate of its ability to bridge the gap in learning with personalised Maths and English tuition. 1st Stop Tuition shares your passion for nourishing the enthusiasm and confidence of your child for Maths and English. This motivates us to accelerate all our students to educational success throughout their primary school years.

I work with each student to develop a personalised learning plan for their individual academic needs. Diagnostic tests can guide a tutor to prepare a tutoring programme that takes into account the areas of study needing special review and emphasis.

Through the use of skills-building lessons, practice questions, and training on successful strategies, both students and parents can feel confident in our comprehensive tutoring programme for primary school age children.

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