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Primary School English Tutor

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Tutoring For Primary School Children:

For children in primary school the focus is on ensuring they are able to grasp the basics of reading, comprehension, grammar, punctuation, spelling and independent learning skills. English tuition begins with the student developing confidence with work that is familiar to them before progressing into new work. Learning develops quite often at a faster pace than in traditional schooling because private tuition is more intensive and focuses on each child’s individual needs. By starting at a young age, it helps to foster good independent study skills, which will help them to achieve throughout their educational career. English tuition can also be combined with maths tuition for a more fulfilling educational experience.​


"Thank you for all your help over the past couple of years." - Hayden Ormshaw

"Thank you for all your help." - Peter Harte


Call 1st Stop Tuition on 01942 206945 or 07979 554049 for a passionate English tutor with the skills to develop your love of the language for life.

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