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English is imperative to our lives. We live in an information-driven age and a world where exposure to literature is abundant. A basic understanding of words and language is central for much of everyday life. We all rely on English to understand:


  • Road signs

  • Workplace literature

  • Newspapers

  • Media coverage

  • Internet content

  • Recreational literature


Pupils, who perhaps do not fully understand the basic essentials of English, frequently fall behind in their studies, not only in English, but in their other subjects also. This is often as a result of not being able to comprehend written exam questions, or being unable to express their answers in a written form, in contrast to not understanding the subject. Frequently, these students can express themselves perfectly well verbally, often revealing an excellent depth of understanding to achieve a higher grade, and yet they still end up with poor exam results. This is usually as a result of poor English skills.

English tutoring at 1st Stop Tuition offers a tailored approach to learning by addressing the points of English that you need to focus on rather than getting lost in a generic syllabus. We provide an effective and complementary addition to your programme of English language and literature learning by bridging the gaps in your education.

Highlights of our English tutoring include:

  • Improved literacy – reading, writing, spelling, grammar, and comprehension

  • Increased enthusiasm and motivation for learning

  • Increased enjoyment and independent seeking out of literature

  • Successful exam preparation


Join our many students whose classroom success and excellent exam performances demonstrate the effectiveness of our learning programmes by undertaking a programme of study at your personal level of ability for maximum benefit.

We run sessions for either single students or for small groups of two. You will learn faster with this approach because it is more intensive than being in a large class.

Call 1st Stop Tuition on 01942 206945 or 07979 554049 for a passionate English tutor with the skills to develop your love of the language for life.

When you read this, thank an English teacher.” - Eli Moreno Drew

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