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Client Testimonials

"Jo has given our son an immense boost of confidence with his English language skills. She has worked with him over a number of sessions to find his weaknesses and has used suitable work to build on and reinforce his knowledge  and challenge him. He has moved up a level in his class at school and has won prizes and awards for his efforts:   a first! This has encouraged him to work and made his learning more enjoyable." - B Dallas
"Jo is easy to talk to and I am not frightened to ask a question because she is willing to explain anything I do not  understand. My English teacher at school has told me that she has seen an improvement in my work and that had made me feel great!" - R Dallas

"Jo teaches my daughter and son, Bethany and Joe. Bethany was below average for her English and in the time she has been coming for private tuition, she has achieved an above average grade in her SATs. Joe was struggling with his reading and writing and was also below average but in just a few months, he started to go up several stages in his reading. He is more confident in his writing as well." - D Ormrod

"Jo is someone I would recommend. She is good with children and knows what they need and is reliable. I like the fact that children can still attend in summer when they are off school because I think they forget so much and coming for tuition keeps their minds active so they remember more when they return to school in the Autumn.  She prepared my son, Ryan, for his SATs but after performing below average for years, he achieved a decent grade in his SATs at the end of primary school and went onto high school with much more confidence." - D Holyland

"My daugher, Charlotte, attended tuition with Jo for a number of years through high school. My daughter went on to do well in her GCSEs and is now at university. I am most grateful to Jo for all her help because prior to Charlotte attending tuition, she was struggling and Jo gave her the confidence to do well." - S. Johnson

"Thank you so much for all your help with my entrance exams for my teacher training course.  I couldn't have passed without you." - Mikayla
“I can’t thank you enough for all that you have done for me. Not only in English but in the advice you have given me on my A levels as well. You have really broadened my horizon and made me confident.” - Rob

"Thank you so very, very much for all your help."  - Molly McDonough​​

For more information call now on 01942 206945 or 07979 554049
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